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I am currently a Ph.D. candidate at Northwestern University in the Engineering Sciences & Applied Mathematics department.


Current Research

My research is focused on understanding mixing by cutting and shuffling. The technical term for cutting and shuffling is a Piecewise Isometry (PWI), and mixing with PWI is perhaps most commonly seen in one dimension when mixing a deck of cards. A deck of cards is similar to granular materials in that they are both composed of discrete objects, which partly motivates this study. Mixing of granular materials as a whole plays an important role in manufacturing processes, but the study of mixing granular materials or even the dynamics of granular materials is very difficult due to the discrete nature of granular materials and the numerous variables associated with it. Mixing with PWIs offers an alternative approach where the results of the mixing can be independent of the physics or characteristics of the materials. Understanding how mixing occurs with PWI in higher dimensions (I am currently looking at 2D with extensions to 3D) could have an impact on how future mixers are designed.

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Personal Projects

I first heard about the field of data science about a year ago, and thought it would be interesting to get some hands-on experience. The following projects have helped me to get some practice on dealing with the various aspects of data science (data gathering, data cleaning/wrangling/munging, querying, building models, and visualization) mostly using Python.

Visualizing Medicare Data


Forecasting Retail Sales


Baby Names


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